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In addition I’d like to give you five inspiring downloadable interviews of people making a difference by following their passion.


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As you might have read in one of my books, between 2009 and 2011, I conducted over 50 interviews with some very special people, all of whom had a very inspirational story to tell.

Over the next five weeks you’ll receive a free downloadable copy of one of these interviews – one a week starting today with the one below with Richard Zoomers.

My Guests

While I did interview many high-profile people, the five I’ve chosen are with people you’ve probably never heard of before. And my reason for choosing the people I did is because you no doubt have heard many times, somewhere before, what the high-profile people have to say. But I wanted you to see how everyday people are out there “making a real difference” by following their highest passions. These are where the greatest and most inspirational life lessons are to be found.

So I hope you’ll listen to the interviews from at least two perspectives.

  1. Yes, please enjoy the insights and suggestions that my guests share in the very different endeavours they each bring to you during the call.
  1. But also listen to their passion, drive, and determination to make a difference following their hearts desires.

Do Remember ~ If they can do it, so can you!

And in 2021, I intend to have my online workshop ~ Make a Difference Today ~ up and running to take you through the steps for turning that passionate dream of yours into a reality.

The Interview

Initially the interviews were conducted for a weekly 1-hour+/- Internet radio program I presented on Healthy Life Radio out of California. The program was called Stories and Sustainability.

After leaving Healthy Life Radio, I continued the interviews, first weekly and later twice a month, as teleseminar/webinars under the banner of Learning Loving and Laughing. But when I realised that no one could remember which order the three “Ls” came in I decided to change the name of the webinar series to Raising Love Consciousness.

Finally, while I often welcome you in the introduction to one hour of listening, with the advertisements removed the Healthy Life Radio interviews are normally around 45 minutes. However my webinar interviews were just over the hour.

The format below and in your following emails

Each interview will be set out in the following manner.

  • The name of the interviewee.
  • A link that can either just be clicked on and listened to, or downloaded onto your computer which I recommend.
  • A heading related to the topic under discussion.
  • A greater explanation of the topic.
  • The bio of my guest.

Finally an apology, the sound quality of the interviews is not as good as it could be in today’s digital world. But as I recently discovered, you do get used to it.

So do enjoy the following inspirational words and ideas.


To listen to the interview Left-Click or to download Right-Click, the green name link under the name of the interviewee.

Richard Zoomers

Richard Zoomers’ Interview

How single-minded determination and faith made a dream come true.

A dream that’s now changing lives

Richard Zoomers speaks about his single-minded determination and absolute faith in developing the Wild Mountain Trust/Retreat, which is an independent, community focused, non-profit organization providing leadership in environmental education and conservation.

Even if we set aside the environmental factor, this is a very inspirational interview. Richard speaks of how Wild Mountains began with just the purchase of a large plot of land, and over the years, with the help of the community, he has built it into a special retreat supporting nature and a sustainable way of living.

Wild Mountains, is a great description for this wonderful environmental retreat in the Wild Border Ranges in SE Queensland, Australia, near the border of New South Wales. Some years ago, I lived on the western side of these border ranges and they are certainly magnificent – but Oh so cold in winter.

Richard Zoomers is the co-founder and president of The Wild Mountains Trust, which is a non-profit organization providing leadership in environmental education and conservation from a residential facility located in Australia’s South East Queensland.

Richard was born in the Netherlands and came to Australia in 1959. After leaving school he spent 3 years studying Graphic Design, and then worked in advertising. In the 1980s he became involved in various conservation groups and their various campaigns.

He is an associate of the Institute of Earth Education; co-founder of the Logan and Albert Conservation Association; and a community consultative committee member of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest of Australia.

In 1986 he co-founded the Wild Mountains Trust and Retreat where he now lives and works bringing his dream to fruition.

The website for the Wild Mountains Trust is