In my book, Conscious Change Today (p234), I wrote the following:

After only seven weeks as leader of her party, in late 2017 New Zealand elected as Prime Minister the most amazing example of positive feminine-energy in action—37-year-old, Jacinda Ardern. Shortly after being elected she announced that she was pregnant and her life-partner would become a stay-at-home dad while she ran the country. The baby was born in June, 2018. Prime Minister Ardern is the most laid-back, unassuming person you could possibly find and certainly the most inspirational and conscious leader I’ve ever come across.

This brief video of Prime Minister Ardern giving a talk at the World Economic Forum at Davos, in January 2019, demonstrates why she’s the sort of leader we’d all love and the epitome of Conscious Leadership making a difference.

What a fantastic role model she is for the rest of the world.

Jacinda Ardern Video – Jan 29, 2019