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Stefanie Baeker

Stefanie Baeker’s interview

Mayan Region – special tours with a special person

Stefanie Baeker is one of those gentle and beautiful people who really walks her talk.

Stefanie shares with us the wonderful work that she is doing by taking customized guided eco-tours to visit the Mayan regions.

Whilst anyone is welcome to join her small group eco-tours, she also designs special trips for students, seniors, and those with special needs.

This is an opportunity to listen to someone who has not only studied the Mayan culture and people, but someone who knows the people and the region first hand.

Some of the things that I find so special about Stefanie includes her passion for nature, for fairness and justice, and for helping people with special needs who might otherwise miss out on things that those of us without “special needs” take for granted.

Stefanie is also a skilled astrologer and on the call she spoke briefly about the benefits in having astrological readings done for the young children in our lives.

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Stefanie Baeker was born near the North Sea coast in Germany, where green tourism prevails and so she developed a strong tie with Mother Nature.  However, it was not until her early twenties that her deep thirst for knowledge urged her to seriously explore Universal laws, principles, and energies.

Since then she’s been a life-long learner gaining her life and spiritual lessons while living between Germany, France, California, and Mexico, where she lived for 6 years.

Stefanie also has a deep interest in Astrology; and as well as doing live astrological readings for people all over the world, she integrates astrological insights into the design of her eco-tours to the Mayan regions.

She is one of the few people who actually loves to design personal tours especially suited for seniors, and those with ‘special needs’ – which is a beautiful gift that she’s sharing with those who are all too often forgotten.