Kashonia is a Moral Philosopher with a PhD in the Ethics of Conscious Change and the  Author of the Conscious Change series of books, including the International Award-Winning Conscious Change Today: From Me to We ~ COVID, Climate Change, and the Rise of Feminine-Energy

In years gone by Kashonia caught wild donkeys in Australia’s harsh Outback to stop them being killed as vermin and was Australia’s 1st female oil company representative during which time she used Conscious Business and Conscious Leadership coaching skills long before the “conscious” label was ever thought of.

Using her Conscious Communication skills she then spent 14 years as an award-winning talk-radio broadcaster. She then went on to teach these Conscious Intelligence competencies to her MBA Leadership students at universities in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 


 Kashonia’s Most Popular Topics &

Your Audience’s Takeaways

»   Let the 7 Dwarfs teach you how to change the world in a conscious (aka ethical) way

The 7 Dwarfs always taught a key Conscious Intelligence competency that is essential when it comes to taking action and making a difference at home, at work, or across the Planet. Let Kashonia guide your audience into some new ways of thinking about these important issues.

»   Harnessing the energetic force empowering Women and Gen Zs today

By understanding the force that’s been empowering women in recent years we’re able to inspire women and men to work with that power and not against it, for greater ethical world changing results.

»   Time to Call in the Unicorns

There’ll be those who’ll say ethical patriarchal change and genuine equality for all—women, people of color, and LGBTQ+—is like believing in unicorns. But as your audience will discover, unicorns are on the increase. And there are many possible paths to equality if we all work together.

Praise for Kashonia

… Dr Carnegie is entertaining, creative, and innovative, and makes people laugh. …  She is able to deliver thought-provoking information that stimulates our minds and influences our actions and values …  Mr WONG, Tuan Wah, Director (Conservation), National Parks Board, Singapore

Conscious Change Today ~ I loved how Kashonia used world news; shared her story; and had neat activities. I also loved that she discussed both sides and was not preachy, as some of these books are.   Renee Guill ~ Readers’ Favorite ~ 5 stars

What Kashonia presented was ever-fascinating, demanding that I think more deeply about everything. And I did.  Viga Boland ~ Readers’ Favorite ~ 5 stars

Where Dr. Carnegie sets herself apart is in the spiritual approach taken, exploring the sacred, metaphysical philosophy that few take the time to undertake. Asher Syed ~ Readers’ Favorite Reviews ~ 5 stars