~  What EACH of US Can Do  ~

If you ever find yourself saying – “But what can I do?” to make a difference, just remember the words of John Denver’s song “What One Man Can Do”. It’s one I often played on my various radio programs. And John Denver wrote the song with Buckminster Fuller in mind, which is why he sang “What one man can do”.  I encourage you to listen to John Denver sing the song on the You Tube clip below.

You might also like to read through the beautiful lyrics as you listen. You’ll find them on a separate tab on https://tinyurl.com/EachOfUs

AND as you listen to the video, or read through the chorus,

just change the words from “What one man can do”


What EACH of US can do;

What EACH of US can do is dream;

What EACH of US can do is love;

What EACH of US can do is change the world …


This has been taken from my book

Conscious Love:

Cultivating a Consciousness of Virtue-Based Love-in-Action

for a Peaceful, Loving, and Sustainable World

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