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Donna Long

Recording with Donna Long

Who keeps visiting your backyard?

Yet another inspiring story of a woman following her passion to make-a-difference

I ‘found’ Donna quite serendipitously as I was surfing the web one day.   She’s not internationally known, but the beautiful work she does, and teaches as a hobby, can enhance all our lives and our links to nature.

I always love speaking with people who are doing a wonderful and inspirational job, but are not normally recognised.

As a labor of love, Donna Long set up a couple of websites, Your-Nature Journal and Connecting With Nature (now ).  Donna and her site are all about the study of nature close to home.

I use the term inspirational when talking about Donna because of her personal time, money, and effort that she devotes to this great resource for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.  Her site is helping to make a difference to our environment – especially the environment in our own backyards, throughout the world.

Donna told us of the many things we can see in our own backyards, that we might not have realized were there;  and how we can attract even more of nature’s beautiful creatures.  She also speaks about the benefits of keeping a nature journal.  And I for one am a very great believer in the benefit of journal keeping.

On Donna’s website, which is now you’ll find an extraordinary array of resources, including how to keep a Nature Journal, Equipment for Nature Study, and Best Books & Equipment for Nature Study.  You’ll also find some truly wonderful photographs.


Donna Long graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a degree in Art History. She has a Master’s degree in library science from Rutgers University and a Master’s of Education from Arcadia University.  In 2007, Donna was honored with a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governor’s Institute for Environment and Ecology Educators.

Not only that, but she holds a Master Home Gardener Certification from Temple University and her backyard has been certified as “Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation.

Donna is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Garden Writer’s Association.

She lives and writes in her birthplace, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her full-time day job is working as a library director at a boys school in the Philadelphia area.