John Denver

John Denver

~  What EACH of US Can Do  ~

If you ever find yourself saying – “But what can I do?” to make a difference, just remember the words of John Denver’s song “What One Man Can Do”. It’s one I often played on my various radio programs. And John Denver wrote the song with Buckminster Fuller in mind, which is why he sang “What one man can do”.  I encourage you to listen to John Denver sing the song on the You Tube clip below.

You might also like to read through the beautiful lyrics as you listen. You’ll find them on a separate tab on

AND as you listen to the video, or read through the chorus,

just change the words from “What one man can do”


What EACH of US can do;

What EACH of US can do is dream;

What EACH of US can do is love;

What EACH of US can do is change the world …


This has been taken from my book

Conscious Love:

Cultivating a Consciousness of Virtue-Based Love-in-Action

for a Peaceful, Loving, and Sustainable World

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Biden/Harris: Perfect for Our “We-not-Me” Time

Biden/Harris: Perfect for Our “We-not-Me” Time

In 2020 and beyond, the path to success is to make an ethical conscious change from Me to We.

There can be no denying that since the arrival of the 2000s we’ve seen a blossoming, exponential trend. That trend is the rise in the status of women. But even more than that, it’s the rise of positive feminine We-not-Me attitudes, and ways of thinking, living, and working in our world. In other words, ethical We-not-Me “energy”.

For thousands of years, positive-feminine-energy has been characterized by ethical virtues such as compassion, empathy, truthfulness, caring, partnership, equality, respect, fairness, and the list goes on. They are all about a We-not-Me focus.

Our Need for Nurture and Sustainability

Indeed, true power lies in positive feminine-energy, the greatest supporter of love consciousness, co-operation, and peace. It’s positive feminine-energy that creates, nurtures, and sustains life. And if ever there was a time when the planet and all her inhabitants needed to be nurtured and sustained, that time is now.

Although more commonly found in women, sadly not all women demonstrate positive feminine-We-energy. Yet these feminine We-not-Me attitudes are essential for both women and men to adopt now our new 2000-millennium is with us.

Look at the global acceptance of President-elect Joe Biden who’s demonstrating the epitome of caring feminine-We-energy, versus the very outdated masculine-Me-energy of President Donald Trump.

As President-elect Biden said: “There has never been anything we haven’t been able to do when we’ve done it together.” Again, the epitome of a 21st century, We-not-Me focus. And around 80 million American voters recognized the importance of that We-focus at this time.

The Move from Me-to-We Since 2000

 Over the last 20 years this rise in the feminine-We-energy has been evidenced by many events including a greater emphasis on inclusive partnerships such as same-sex marriage, emotional intelligence, the evolution of so-called conscious business, and managing with a heart instead of command and control management.

Research shows that the essence of long-term successful virtual business operations are the ethical feminine-We-energy virtues of trust, and co-operation.

Feminine-energy in action with the global women’s protest march was seen the day after the 2017 Presidential inauguration of the very masculine-Me-energy Donald Trump. Again, after climate change denier Trump’s 100th day in office it was the global feminine-energy march for action on climate change that was center-stage.

And there’s an ever-increasing number of women heading business organizations; being elected to lead their country; and now after the 2020 election, there’ll be more women in Congress than ever before.

Traditional Masculine Energy

By contrast, traditional masculine-energy, or ways of living and acting in the world, is known for traits like domination, control, power-over, impatience, aggression, individuality, and self-centered ambition. As I’m sure you’d agree, these all have a Me-focus. And in the field of virtue ethics, today these traits are all seen as vices, which of course are considered negative.

Yet anthropology and evolutionary biology explains that those so-called negative-masculine traits had a very important evolutionary role to play.

As it’s the women who have the babies, in ancient times men were expected to dominate and control the women and children as a way of protecting them from the bears and lions or whatever. And so in demonstrating those traits, men were seen to be superior. After all, if the women didn’t continue to have children the species would die out.

Those same actions and concerns are beautifully displayed today in many non-human animals too.

But in today’s human society, competition, fighting, aggression, control, and domination, and all those similar masculine traits are far from expressions of strength and superiority. These days those traits are expressions of enormous weakness and inferiority.

Conscious Masculinity

However, all it takes are a few tweaks here and there for men to start their journey to what I call Conscious Masculinity. For example, just move power-over to power-with; competition to co-operation; domination and control to equality-based care and protection. All of which can be summed up with the simple phrase—a move from Me-to-We.

Yet in recent times throughout the world, we’ve seen many political leaders bringing in changes so they can remain in power—for many for life as with China’s President Xi. Or perhaps wanting “four more years”.

Journalists heralded these events as the “Rise of the Strongmen”. Yet it’s no such thing. Actually it’s the opposite. There can be no greater demonstration of negative masculine-energy in its death-throes than these desperate ploys, by desperate men, to cling to power at all costs.

Everyone knows that a playground bully is definitely not a “strongman”. They are a bully because they’re weak and at some level of consciousness they know it. And to compensate for their weakness they bully the vulnerable. These leaders are no different. They’re just weak bullies doing all they can to hang on to their declining power.

And sadly, we’re seeing this play out in 2020 in the White House.

The Dream Team

As we continue to move forward in the 2000s, these negative masculine-Me-traits are no longer acceptable. The world is beginning to say “enough is enough”.

And it seems as though President-elect Biden with VP-elect Kamala Harris at his side will run the country in the totally different, more loving, nurturing, We-focused manner that is being called-for, exponentially, every day.

Yes, success in all areas in 2020 and beyond is about an ethical conscious change from Me-to-We. And that We-focus showed up magnificently, in spades, in the acceptance speeches of both President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris.

During his speech, President-elect Biden said: “I’ve always believed we can define America in one word: possibilities”. And with Biden and Harris at the helm, a new caring, truthful, loving, and united world is indeed “Possible” for us all.

To find out more about our We not Me world it’s all in my book, Conscious Change Today: From Me to We ~ COVID, Climate Change, and the Rise of Feminine Energy. Just click on the cover to get a copy from Amazon.

Jacinda Ardern-Epitome of a truly Conscious POLITICAL Leader

Jacinda Ardern-Epitome of a truly Conscious POLITICAL Leader

In my book, Conscious Change Today (p234), I wrote the following:

After only seven weeks as leader of her party, in late 2017 New Zealand elected as Prime Minister the most amazing example of positive feminine-energy in action—37-year-old, Jacinda Ardern. Shortly after being elected she announced that she was pregnant and her life-partner would become a stay-at-home dad while she ran the country. The baby was born in June, 2018. Prime Minister Ardern is the most laid-back, unassuming person you could possibly find and certainly the most inspirational and conscious leader I’ve ever come across.

This brief video of Prime Minister Ardern giving a talk at the World Economic Forum at Davos, in January 2019, demonstrates why she’s the sort of leader we’d all love and the epitome of Conscious Leadership making a difference.

What a fantastic role model she is for the rest of the world.

Jacinda Ardern Video – Jan 29, 2019