There’s more to 21st Century feminism than adding your name to the #MeToo Tweet just as there’s more to changing our outdated patriarchal culture than damaging men. And why is it important to cultivate Conscious Feminism if you want to go out and make a difference in your own life, or even to change the world?  

Ethicist, philosopher, and Award-Winning author, Kashonia Carnegie PhD, examines our chaotic world to demonstrate the undeniable trends currently empowering women, and Gen Zs like Greta Thunberg, to influence dramatic global change.

In Conscious Feminism you’ll discover…

»  The source of the energetic force that’s empowering Women and Gen Zs today. 

»  How the latest buzz-word in the business community, “conscious” can be applied to a 21st century, ethics-based form of feminism—Conscious Feminism—and what that entails. 

»  Discover Kashonia’s surprising answer to the question: Has #MeToo gone too far?

»  And following the chapter, Conscious Masculinity, you’ll find some very positive and ethical steps for transforming our current patriarchal culture into a culture of genuine equality for all.

»  Also presented is a blueprint for living in harmony with our new millennium that can lead to a more peaceful, loving, and sustainable world at home, at work, or within the world at large, whether you’re a woman, a man, or identify as LGBTQ+.

»  Plus, some added thoughts on Climate Change and the Coronavirus—COVID-19.

Alone we’re weak, but together we’re strong. The choice is yours, the time is now, it’s up to you to make the difference that we all want to see in the world.

 Conscious Feminism available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats and soon as an audio-book. 


Praise for

Conscious Feminism

International Book Excellence Award

~ Inspirational Category ~

What Kashonia Carnegie Ph.D. presented was ever-fascinating, demanding that I think more deeply about everything. And I did. There is just so much I could tell you about Conscious Feminism but I could never do Kashonia Carnegie justice if I did that. You need to read this book for yourself. You need to understand why and how the transformation in our thinking can and must occur.

Viga Boland ~ Readers’ Favorite ~ 5 out of 5 stars

“… your message is extremely timely”
Justine Willis-Toms ~ New Dimensions Radio

I thought that Conscious Feminism by Kashonia Carnegie Ph.D. was extremely fascinating with so many things I loved. I loved how she used world news events to explain her data. I also loved that she shared her story because I was able to relate. Kashonia Carnegie gave some really neat activities, which give you something to ponder. I loved that she discussed both sides, not just one side. I loved the websites she gave as well, and she was not spammy like some people so that was refreshing. The charts were helpful too. I also loved that she did not get too preachy, as some of these books do. If you have been interested in the conscious movement or interested in the meaning of numbers, this is a well thought out book to help you.

Renee Guill ~ Readers’ Favorite ~ 5 out of 5 stars

I found the book thought-provoking and an easy inspirational read with many glimpses of the author’s dry Australian sense of humor.

Ward Young ~ freelance magazine writer and author

I found Conscious Feminism to be a refreshing look at what feminism is for the generation that is next in line to inherit the planet. Where Dr. Carnegie sets herself apart from other books on the topic is in the spiritual approach taken, reaching past the mainstream observance of feminism and instead exploring the sacred, metaphysical philosophy that few take the time to undertake. Carnegie also very bravely discusses how the #MeToo movement applied to her in the most terrifying way, using her personal experience to fill the gaps that represent the worst of a patriarchal society and fairly smooth over the balance that has been too long in the making.

Asher Syed ~ Readers’ Favorite Reviews ~ 5 out of 5 stars