Interview #2


Here’s the next interview in the series.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Ben Manning

Ben Manning Recording

This is a Truly Fascinating Story about Recycling Scrap Metal to make Beautiful pieces of NEW Fine Jewelry

Ben Manning has always had a great concern for our environment. However, he started out as a traditional jeweler. Then some years ago, whilst living in England, he felt that there must be a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to produce jewelry.

Ben tells us how he combined his love of, and concern for, nature; with his talents as the maker of fine jewelry. He told us all about how he’s developed a technique for making ‘recycled’, sustainable, environmentally-friendly jewelry. Yes recycled jewelry, not remodeling second hand jewelry. He is actually turning waste metals into brand new jewelry.

In this call, you’ll hear Ben sharing how his techniques differ from traditional jewelry making; and the negative effects traditional jewelry making can have on our environment. It is a fascinating call.


Ben Manning trained as a jewelry designer and has worked in the jewelry industry for over 15 years; 2 of which were spent in London.

Ben and his wife, Lindy, spent a few years working and traveling the world during which time he was able to research the jewelry industry and its impacts on the environment in quite some depth. What he found shocked him and left him disappointed in his industry.

Ben says ” Lindy and I witnessed first-hand the huge strain our earth was under from human intervention and believed it was time for change. There had to be a better, safer, and cleaner way of making jewelry. My search began and the seed for Utopian Creations was sown”.

Ben’s organization, Utopian Creations, began its life in 2005 as Australia’s first fine and fashion eco-friendly jewelry company. Over the past 6 years, he’s completed over 100 commissioned wedding and engagement rings, all using eco-friendly materials and practices.

“We began our journey to help the Earth”, he says, “and are able to continue our work thanks to our caring customers, friends, and family”.

As well as making a range of ”recycled” jewelry with distribution outlets in a number of countries including Australia, USA, and Japan; Ben Manning also teaches other jewelers his sustainable techniques.