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We not Me

Conscious Change is about a focus on

We not ME

 It’s about giving your life meaning, purpose, and so happiness by supporting, contributing to, or making a difference to some person or cause outside of your own life, at home, in the community, in your business, and across the Planet, and beyond.

It’s Conscious Change for an Ethical Business, Life, and World

Out of the darkness

Conscious Change

takes us into the


In this 21st century more and more people just like you are discovering a deep-seated calling to make a difference to their world or even the world. They want to see a more loving world, or a more ethical world, and if you watch the nightly news the rise in feminine-energy is also obvious.  And there are more and more books coming out and organisations being set up promoting conscious business and conscious everything else like conscious capitalism, conscious consumerism, conscious entrepreneurship, conscious not-for-profits (and no, they’re not all “conscious”), conscious happiness, conscious parenting, and my greatest passion and area of expertise conscious leadership. After all, all conscious make-a-difference activities need conscious or ethical leaders.

And words like ethics, love, positive feminine-energy as well as this latest buzz-word “conscious” all relate to exactly the same actions and way of living and interacting with our changing world.

So no matter which term you prefer—whether you want to live a loving life, an ethical life, a “conscious” life, or a life in harmony with positive feminine-energy—the actions are basically all the same.

You can be a conscious or ethical leader in business, or within the community, within your family, by helping the planet, and even children can be conscious leaders and so role-models in the school yard. Perhaps you’re a massage therapist, or a life coach, an artist, a teacher, a real estate agent, a dog walker, a nurse, a herbalist, someone concerned about climate change, or a parent. No matter what your passion is you can always make-a-difference to your industry, or to the lives of the people who seek your services, or to your community, or the world at large. These are very exciting times.


This time on our planet is indeed about Truth, Justice and the Conscious way.

Welcome to the

Conscious Change

Series of Books

No matter what you want to change, be it your life, your business, or the world, you’ve got to have

the courage to RISK doing things differently.

And with that in mind, someone recently said that I needed to get new covers for all of my books, so that they were more in keeping with the more conventional cover of Bk 1. They believed that my covers were far too colourful and “childish” for such a serious and important topic as Conscious Change.

But their comment reminded me of the old Henry Ford saying:

If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

That’s why I had to summon the courage to RISK leaving convention behind and do my covers differently. And I took the “colourful and childish” descriptors as a compliment, because they are both the essence of creativity and innovation, and so the catalyst for the change we so need to see in our  world.

Your Introduction to Conscious We not Me Change

Book 1, which is presented in two parts, is yours FREE in e-Book format when you go to


Part One contains just 8 short chapters exploring what the current buzz word “Conscious” is all about, how it can be used, and why in our 21st century it’s so important to understand.

Part Two contains an introduction to all the other books in the Conscious Change Series of books. The cover of each book, one-by-one, is followed by the specific book’s description and the Table of Contents for you to browse through.

All of the books in the series will guide you on your journey to help us all have a loving and ethical life and, in turn, world.

The 9-Step Conscious Intelligence Competency Framework

Discover the nine-step Conscious Intelligence Competency framework designed to offer an ethical, We not Me foundation to guide the conscious change movement, while taking Emotional Intelligence to the next level for our complex 21st century world of relationships.

Essential reading for the Fortune 500 CEO or a solo-preneur; the political leader of a country or the leader of any community; or an activist, a life coach, or a teacher. It’s also crucial for every lifelong learner and those who want to make a difference.

Discover Your Greatest Enemy

Uncover insights rarely presented in human potential workshops. Insights that if not addressed could prevent the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, and the success you, or someone close to you, have been working so hard to achieve.

With the aid of personal life-changing revelations, real-life examples, stories, philosophical analyses, and scientific research, all shared in a casual, down-to-earth manner, you’ll discover key insights into who you REALLY are and why you do the things you do.

In this companion book to both Book 2 and also Brainwashed, you can work through over 60 life changing activities.

Due Out in 2024

Chapters Include…

  • What is Leadership and its Evolution
  • Ethics 101
  • An overview of Conscious Intelligence Competencies
  • 20th Century Leadership versus 21st Century Leadership styles ~ aka Toxic Masculinity v Conscious Masculinity applying to both Women and Men
  • The Conscious Lawyer and the Conscious Prosecutor
  • Conscious Communication ~ Silencing someone
  • Reputational Risk and Liability
  • Conscious Power
  • How a Conscious Leader deals with Past Trauma/s
  • Designing Your Next Life or Career or Business Plan

What is Conscious Love really all about?

What is Love? is one of Google’s most asked questions. And based on the wisdom of the ages, that question will be answered in Conscious Love when you discover the three umbrella forms of love—Love-as-an-Emotion, Spiritual Love, and Love-as-a-Virtue or Conscious Love—and the power and beauty that unfolds when they’re integrated.

But it’s Conscious Love that the ancient masters, mystics, philosophers, religious leaders, and visionaries spoke of, and modern-day spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama teach.

Conscious Love-in-Action can change the world

Conscious Gratitude ~ So Simple, Yet So Powerful

There’s more to gratitude than just saying thank you. But saying thank you is a great place to start.

Developing a genuine attitude of conscious gratitude will change your life and the lives of those around you. And Conscious Gratitude is the handbook to guide you on that journey.

Conscious Gratitude is essential reading for everyone, even if you’re a hermit.

One Simple Life-Changing Skill is Waiting for You Here

Discover the Ignored Link Between COVID, Climate Change, & the Rise in the Status of Women

BOTH COVID and Climate Change have a common source based on outdated, unethical Me attitudes generally related to toxic masculinity. The solution can be found in the current rise in a caring feminine-energy-based We culture that’s just as important in men as in women. And this positive energy is very prominent in our beautiful Gen Zs.

Conscious Change is about focusing on We not Me and the Conscious Change Movement is growing every day leading to greater happiness, success, and a more peaceful, loving, and sustainable world.

Change Your Life & the Lives of Others at the Same Time

It’s often said that we need a purpose. But truth be told, we all do have a purpose. It’s just that most people don’t know what their purpose is.

What you really need is to live a life that has meaning that’s in harmony with your Life-Purpose. And that meaning comes when you make a difference to someone or something outside of yourself, something we’re evolutionarily programmed to do.

Conscious Life-Purpose is essential reading for anyone feeling that something is “missing” in their life; for those wanting to make a difference but not sure what that actually means or how to go about it; or if you’re someone who’d like to attract greater happiness, love, and success for yourself, and others

Discover What Happiness is Really All About & Make it Yours

Did you realise that 40% of what makes you happy is entirely up to you.

The Choice is Yours

Conscious Happiness 101 is divided into two main parts.

Based on positive psychology, in Part 1 you’ll discover the things that really make us happy including the importance of play and laughter, no matter what age you are. And yes, you’ll also discover some of the many Happiness Myths and how to overcome them. so you don’t let them affect that precious 40% available to you.

And in Part 2 you’ll find out all about Mindfulness Mediation that most definitely will help you increase your levels of happiness.

What you choose to take away is entirely up to you. 

To What Extent Do You Care About Your Health And A Long And Happy Life?

Conscious Longevity is not another weight-loss book, although there are a couple of chapters addressing that topic.

Its focus is on living a long, healthy, and happy life.

And that’s a topic that’s just as important to a 23-year-old as it is to someone of 63 or even 103.

In Part 1 you’ll discover transparent, independent reviews on everything from “Fad Diets” to the importance of Sleep, why it’s essential to a long life to have a good understanding of your Microbiome and Telomeres, through to necessary Kitchen Equipment.

And when it comes to Part 2, on exercise, being a self-confessed home exercise equipment junkie, I present independent reviews on a range of different known, and not so well-known, “exercise machines”.

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The True Story Series of Books


Focusing on Childhood Conditioning, Domestic Abuse & Vital PTSD Keys

In Brainwashed, my wry sense of humour occasionally appears as I use over forty years of Behavioural Science research to overtly explain my extraordinary life of psychological abuse and why people stay in abusive relationships, and most importantly its devastating PTSD aftermath.

I also share the serendipitous source of my most significant transformation that gave me the strength to escape my most abusive marriage. This was also the unlikely source of my spiritual journey, which has kept me going through the really tough times ever since.

My story is true for more people than we realise. Yet sadly, like me, all too often the victim/survivors of psychological abuse don’t even realise they’ve been abused.


At this stage there are 4 books in The True Story Series. The last three are only partially written.

Book 1 is Brainwashed: The True Story of Psychological Domestic Abuse and the PTSD Aftermath with 10 International Book Awards.


Book 2 ~ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Anxiety and PTSD: The True Story of The Day I was Arrested

An unbelievable story that’s totally bizarre.  DUE OUT  late 2024.

Book 3 ~ Show Me  A Miracle: The True Story of …

This book begins with an overview of what quantum-based Spiritual Consciousness is all about and why its understanding is so important in our lives. From there you’ll find many more of my real-life stories, often about hard or challenging times when a miracle arrived at the last moment when I really needed a miracle the most.

Book 4 ~ From the Outback to the Sahara: The True Story of …

Again, a book of short real-life stories about my life in the Outback region of Australia and then some of the “fascinating” stories of the events that occurred when I was visiting the Sahara Desert, after I completed my PhD.

The True Stories Series include the short-stories of:

  • Being washed away in a flooded river;
  • Feeling the breeze of a bullet pass my left cheek as someone behind me killed a wild boar that was about to attack me in the Outback;
  • Caught in the centre of two different Cat 4 cyclones;
  • A bush/wild fire reaching the back door of my house; and
  • Skidding off a mountain road with a 200’ drop to a crocodile infested river below.

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Strategic Coaching


Designing Your


comes in an interactive small-group  coaching package or occasionally, I have space available in my exciting one-on-one  executive coaching package.

When you work with me, you’ll discover that by Designing, we dive far deeper than mere goal setting and so evoke long-term passions and purpose, resulting in a far more meaningful life.

So just like an architect might design a sensational new building, my great passion is working with clients to help them design a sensational new future—in creating a new career, within their current business operation, when it’s time for serious change, or instead of retirement!

Together, we’ll elicit the magic you have deep down so you can create boundaryless “make a difference” possibilities for years ahead in this complex 21st century world.

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Dr Kashonia Carnegie


I’m a Moral Philosopher with a PhD in what is now known as the Ethics of Conscious Change. And I have a 45+ year background in Behavioural Science with a special focus on Leadership, Change Management, and PTSD.

In decades gone by I caught wild donkeys in Australia’s harsh Outback to stop them being killed as vermin.

Then in the early 1970s, I was selected from hundreds of candidates to become Australia’s 1st female oil company representative. In that role my duties were those of a Leadership & Business Coach before the label “coaching” in relation to business was even thought of.

In addition, I inherently engaged in what turned out to be a very successful form of conscious business and conscious leadership coaching before the conscious label in relation to ethical business was ever thought of either.

From there I spent 14 years as a talk-radio broadcaster. And using Conscious Communication skills I won Australia’s top broadcasting award,  before commencing my academic journey. This included the teaching of MBA level Conscious Intelligence Competencies, Leadership, and Change Management in universities in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

My two greatest passions are:

(1) Working with clients to help them design their sensational new future.

(2) To facilitate the transformation of women, men, and children alike into conscious leaders of change, so that they can, in turn, transform into conscious leaders everyone they connect with, resulting in us all working to transform this planet of ours into a truly peaceful, loving, and sustainable world.

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Your Online Workshop

Crucial Keys to Aid


Understanding of


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This workshop will be online, 24/7, from late 2024.

The investment of only $US47 is so that virtually everyone can benefit. And so it’s my contribution to community understanding

Crucial Keys to Aid Your Understanding of PTSD is not only for the sufferers of PTSD

But even more importantly, it’s also for the family and friends of PTSD sufferers, and those who might have work related professional connections with those who could be PTSD sufferers. For example, those in the legal, medical, and coaching fields.

Find Out More  NOW

Until people understand more about PTSD ~ No one will will fully recover